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POSITION: Manager of own company


ADDRESS: Lerkevegen 8B, 7072 Heimdal

Telephone +47-72 88 72 15

Telefax: +47-72 88 72 25



Civil engineer with major in soil mechanics.Doctor in hydraulic engineering.Specialist in sediment transport.More than 35 years of experience in hydraulic engineering, including sediment problems, port and navigation projects and river morphology.Participated as specialist in numerous projects inland and abroad, involving sediment transport problems, siltation, scour and dredging, in some also as project manager.Many short missions on contract for Norwegian and foreign consultants and institutions.Participated in planning of projects abroad, also where own participation has not been considered.


1958 Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

1968 Study tour to VITUKI (Research Institute for Water Resources Development), Hungary.

1969, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Division of Hydraulic Construction. Thesis: "Uniform Turbidity Current Experiments".

1974 Course in Project Management for Senior Scientists. Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Technical Research.

1975 Study tour to Canadian and U.S. hydraulic laboratories and institutions for water resources research.


Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers.

Norwegian Geotechnical Society.

Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses (PIANC)

International Association of Hydraulic Research (IAHR)

Member IAHR Committee on Ice Research and Engineering 1990-94, coopted 94-98

Chairman Scientific Committee, IAHR 12th Int. Symposium on Ice 1994

Member Scientific Committee, IAHR 19th Int. Symposium on Ice 2002

Member Int. Techn. Committee, Modelling, Testing & Monitoring for Hydro Power Plants 1995

Member PTC I Working Group 4 (1984-86) and PTC II Working Group 21 (1998-92) of PIANC

Appointed member of evaluation mission for SAREC projects in Ethiopia 1990



1960 Design and Project Engineer, Consulting Firm, Civ.eng. P.A. Madshus, Oslo, Norway.

Consultants in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. Field and laboratory work. Foundation design. Site supervision and control.


1963 Research Engineer, River and Harbour Laboratory, SINTEF (VHL).

Model studies of dam project and river training works in erodible bed.


1964 Leave from VHL. Project Engineer, Coastal Eng. Laboratory, Gainesville, Fla, USA.

Inlet models. Field studies of littoral drift. Fluorescent sand tracing. Beach protection works. Artificial nourishment of beaches.


1965 - 68 Research Engineer, River and Harbour Laboratory.

Study of sand and ice transport in Tjorsà river, Burfell Power plant, Iceland. Field and cold room research on ice movement in rivers. Model studies on hydraulic structures in rivers. Study in field and model on river training and scour in connection with road crossing of river Laagen.


1967 - 68 Partial leave from River and Harbour Laboratory for Dr.Ing study.

Thesis: Uniform Turbidity Current Experiments.


1969 - 72 Senior Research Engineer, River and Harbour Laboratory.

Flood control study. Wind tunnel study of snow fences for road protection. Tracer study for cooling water outlet. Air bubble mixing of stratified water. Disposal of slurry from mines. Local erosion problems. Model study for Sigalda Power Plant, Iceland. Site supervision during run-in of Burfell Power Plant, Iceland, with reference to sand and ice problems.


1970 Senior hydrologist at the Norwegian River and Electricity Board, Hydrology Division.

Planning and performance of field investigations in Norwegian watercources. (Leave from River and Harbour Laboratory)


1973 Head, Section of Sediment Transport, River and Harbour Laboratory.

Planning and supervision of model and field studies in rivers, estuaries, coastal regions and offshore, in the fields of sediment transport, local scour and scour protection, stratified flow, and coastal engineering.


1981Head, Dept of Hydropower and River Engineering, Norw. Hydrodynamic Laboratories.

Administration of experimental, theoretical and specialist advising services on hydro power development, river hydraulics, sediment transport, scour and scour protection, and river ice engineering.


1985-1995 Head of Research, Norwegian Hydrotechnical Laboratory (SINTEF NHL)

From 1987 to 1995 also head, Section of River Engineering.


2000 Senior research Engineer, SINTEF Civil&Environmental Engineering


2001 Manager, Tesaker Vann AS



Adviser to Norwegian courts for compensation claims in connection with more than ten hydropower developments regarding sediment transport and artificial tresholds


University lectures for specialist courses at Norwegian University for Science and Technology:

1972 Cooling water systems for power plants.

1978 Recipient hydraulics

1980, 82 Applied hydraulics for engineers.

Lectures at six courses for practising engineers, arr.: Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers:

Sand transport computations.

Sediments in reservoirs and lakes.

1987 - 94 Lecturer at International Cource in Marine Civil Engineering, NORAD/NTNU:

Erosion and sedimentation (30 lectures annually).


1977 Specialist lectures at Course for Nordic Researchers on Lake Physics, Lammi, Finland :"Transport and sedimentation of solid particles".


1986 20 lectures for UNDP-project at River Research Institute, Bangladesh Water Development Board:"Some Aspects of Hydraulic Modelling"


1989 50 lectures for Institute of Engineering and Offshore Technology, Panvel, India :"Interaction between pipelines and soil"




2011 Nepal: Consulting at HydroLab

2003 Dominican Republic: Guaigui powerplant. Air problems in spillway tunnel


2001 Iceland: Karahnukar Power Project, Air problems in steep shaft and tunnel 2000 Iceland: Thorisvatn Outlet. New structure with increased capacity. Model in Norway


1999 Nicaragua: Apanas Morning Glory Spillway. Model study in Norway


1996 Mozambique: Beach Reclamation in Beira. Pre-study of measures for the repair of a damaged beach.


1994 Bhutan: Water Master Plan. Training of personnel for sediment sampling, analysis and presentation of results.


1993 Nepal: Model investigation for Kali Gandaki hydro power project with sediment problems. Project leader in Norway. Client: Kali Gandaki "A" Associates.


1992 Pakistan: "Small Power Plants" project. Adviser to the consultant on sediment problems. Site work + seminar. Client NORPLAN.


1992 Tanzania: Kihansi Hydropower Project. Consultant in sediment problems. Site inspection. Client NORPLAN.


1992 Mozambique: Consultant in scour protection of quay under construction. Site inspection. Client Norconsult.


1990 Ethiopia: Member of evaluating mission for SAREC projects in Ethiopia.Special project: Multipurpose water resources development.


1990 India: URI Hydroelectric Power Project. Consulting assistance and review of report for Hydraulic Model studies in Stockholm. Client: SWECO.


1990 Tanzania: Pangani Redevelopment Project. Consultant in sediment problems of reservoir and project leader for model study of dam, intake and flood sluices. Work in Norway only.


1988-1990 India: Discipline Leader for hydrodynamics section of Indo-NorwegianTechnology Co-operation Project for Technology Transfer to IEOT.


1990 Pakistan: Member of uprating/refurbishing mission for small power plants with special task to propose improved solutions for intakes and canals.


1986-88 Bangladesh: River Hydraulics Expert on UNDTCD project: Technical Assistance to River Research Institute. 4x2 months total duration.


1985 United Nations consultant in hydraulic laboratory instrumentation. Two months mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


1982-1985 Bangladesh:Three periods on two projects: Client: Interconsult.


1. Lakhya River, navigation improvement study, including field surveys and measurements, mathematical modelling, laboratory modelling of confluence Lakhya/Dhaleswary.


2. Barisal River Port Study, including means to prevent river migration, scour and siltation.


1984 Nepal: Site visits to several power stations in order to evaluate siltation problems and propose measures. Short mission.


1983 The Seyshelles: Victoria Port and Causeway. Site visit to evaluate siltation and wave run-up problems. Short mission.


1983 Tanzania: Evaluation of siltation problems at two local ports. Responsible for hydraulic and silt measurements.


1983 Thailand: Siltation problems connected to development of small hydropower stations. Site visit and written communications.


1981 India: Fishing Harbour Project, Orissa. Pre-feasibility study at site. Responsible for evaluation of scour/siltation problems. Two week mission.


1978-1979 Tanzania: Rufiji River: Degradation downstream of proposed dam. Influence of reduced silt transport on coastline and delta. Siltation upstream of the dam.


Four periods at site during eight months field investigation programme. Client: NORAD.


1978 Papua New Guinea: Warangui River, power station. Investigation of silt problems. Model study in Norway.


1974-1975 Malaysia: Feasibility study for Bintulu Deep Water Port Project. Client Norconsult. Responsible for planning of field investigations and evaluation of silting and dredging of approach channel and harbour basin. Site residence two months.


1973-1976 Nigeria: Study of the navigation channel and location of New Calabar Port, including field measurements, selection of channel route and model study. Also later evaluation for the purpose of extensing the channel capacity. Responsible for reports from field and model study, and the evaluation of maintenance dredging. Short stay in Lagos


1964-1966 Iceland: Thjorsa River, study of material transport and siltation in connection with Burfell Power Station intake. Model study in Norway. Three weeks at site in Iceland. Client: Harza Engineering.




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CV, Einar Tesaker

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